Friday, April 17, 2009

Watford Denver - Inaugural Meeting

Fantastic evening and thank you to all of you who attended the inaugural Watford Denver's Supporter Club meeting, with power of the Watford Fan network we were able to hook up with a number of fans locally and from afar.

There was a mix of doubters of whether we could stay up (OK just Paul,so the mathematical possibility had to be calculated), if the Watford away Jersey color for the 09/10 had been decided which I can confirm that it hasn't yet per the fine folks at Watford FC Media Relations. A vocal debate if Watford won 4-0, or 4-1 in the 97/98 season against Luton, Steve sorry you lose out to Alice on that one as it was 4-0 thanks to the exquisite historical documents of BSAD.

Great stories on how each of us ended up being Watford fans, who was last at a game, which goes to Curtis for this seasons home game against Palace. A lot of fun, laughs and Watford Banter.

The Penultimate item on the agenda was how do we get Mr. DeMerit as an Honorary President of Watford Denver, we were all in agreement that it was a grand idea, now the wheels are in motion that of how to pull it off.

And finally we were all in agreement that this gathering would be the first of many.

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