Monday, April 20, 2009

Ipswich 3 - Norwich 2

With this result you would think we are as good as safe, but for those pesky mathematicians here is what would have to happen if we are going to be relegated in the remaining 2 - 3 games.

Watford 0 pts, Blackpool 1 pt, Derby 1 pt, Plymouth 3 pts, Forest 4 pts, Barnsley 6 pts, Norwich 6 pts


  1. Your correct Paul we can still go down mathematically due to not enough of the bottom teams are playing each other in the penultimate game

  2. Hopefully this weekend's fixtures will leave us safe (Norwich or Barnsley failing to win, even if we lose), and we can enjoy the season finale. I see that Southapmton have incurred a 10 point penalty, which seals their relegation.