Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pre Season Planning & Analysis

Another night at the Hornet and another night good times and Watford banter. Pleased with the announcement of the Watford road jersey (hey we are in the US), started the strategic plans to make a road trip to the UK to get 3 games in 8 days, it maybe possible. In Agreement with John's comments from Texas that "Malky smacks of taking the cheap option" in the managerial selection.

Most important business of the night was the analysis of next season's fixtures, which in summary we agreed that were not going to be relegated as there are at least 3 teams worst than us but will just stay up by the skin of our teeth. August, September and December are key months for our survival as we start with the relegation battle game against Doncaster.

Here are the predictions
Paul - 54 pts
Curtis - 49 pts
Geoff - 52 pts

Teams to be Promoted
Paul - WBA, Newcastle, Reading
Curtis - Sheff UTD, Reading, Cardiff
Geoff - WBA, Sheff UTD, Bristol City (no one predicted Burnley now did they?)

Teams to be Relegated
Paul - Blackpool, Barnsley, Plymouth
Curtis - Scunthorpe, Blackpool, Peterborough
Geoff - Barnsley, Scunthorpe, Doncaster

Meeting To Do's
Plan to make it to see the Colorado Rapids vs DC United Saturday night - Paul, Geoff's Wife
Create a blog to link up all the Football league fans in Denver - Geoff


  1. Another very pleasant evening of Watford-related discussion. In the two days since my prior visit to the Hornet, the seasonal beer had changed from Claymore Scotch Ale to Belgica Belgian-style IPA (since when were the Belgians in India?). Always keen to spot the cosmic linkages between seemingly random occurrences, I am taking this as a sign that Marouane Fellaini will be joining the 'Orns on a season-long loan from Everton. Or that there will be a lot of comings and goings this summer under the free-transfer system brought to you by Jean-Marc Bosman.

  2. Good grab my Malky in landing young Mr Cleverley ... but then Le Grand Fromage at Old Trafford knows how well we look after and develop his youngsters. Tremendous finish at Forest. And despite his supposed want-away feelings, Tommy Smith continues to give his all for the cause and is the perfect foil. Perhaps mid-table respectability looms after all ... with the hope of pushing on for the playoffs next season.